My husband and I purchased a 1960’s home and “fixer upper” was an understatement. We knew before buying the home that Tiffany would be our designer and without knowing that we would have ran for the hills after walking through this house. Tiffany is so fast at making decisions which is so important when building or renovating a home when there are tens of thousands of decisions to be made! Tiffany took an outdated home and helped to turn it into our dream home.

Everything from the kitchen to the master bathroom to the guest rooms, even the paint colors feel like ultimate luxury to us, sometimes we still can’t believe that this is our home! Tiffany has such an eye for design, our home feels so high end while also being very unique and very “us”. She also knows where it is important to spend a little more money and where you can save. She was always looking to find us the very best price on everything which was always helpful in selling ideas to the hubby!

The only downside of working with Tiffany was that once our project was finished, we were sad to be finished working with her. Tiffany is such a wonderful person to work with, we would work with her a million times over! I often hear people say that they can’t afford a designer. We couldn’t afford NOT to! The right decisions were made for our home the first time and we couldn’t be happier with every single inch of our home. We couldn’t have done our renovation without Tiffany!! — Lindsey

AMY O. —

I was in a jam when I started to decorate my ‘new’ home. The previous owners’ style was completely different than mine, and I had no idea where to begin. Tiffany walked in our home and saw potential, not problems. She was able to move through the house and envision how I could use my personal style to make the home my own. She worked within my budget to find unique additions to the home, while also rearranging what was already here to highlight the homes’ best features.

Working with Tiffany remotely is also extremely do-able. Using the I-Pad to give her a tour of our home and talk about what we want to do or change was so easy! I was attempting to create a quiet work space for my husband (since I occupy the home office) and walking around with the I-pad so Tiffany could view the rooms with me, she quickly came up with an awesome plan to create space for him in the bonus room. As soon as she described the change I was like ‘of course!’. She was very helpful suggesting masculine desks that he might like.

I would (and still do!) work with her again in a heartbeat. — Amy


Tiffany is a design genius. Her exquisite style along with impeccable work ethic have elevated my home to represent the best of who I am. I have found her to be on the forefront of all design trends while also being sensitive and open to my own personal style… resulting in my home being classic and fresh and completely my own. Whenever I have a design need she is my go-to. — Niccole



My husband, Dave, and I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany recently and we’re delighted with her high level of expertise and ability to accomplish the job quickly. Although we are locals, we transacted the entire consultation via FaceTime and e-mail, which worked out perfectly…and we plan to do this again! It was a very efficient use of our time and our pocketbook. We highly recommend her!  — Jody



I met Tiffany when she married my cousin. We lived far apart, saw each other on the occasional holiday and over time I learned of her design business. A point came when my husband and I were selling our first home – which had been sitting on the market like a rock for at least six months – before I finally overcame the hesitation of “do I hire a family member?” (everyone knows how that can turn out…).

After six months of no movement I decided to go for it. I hired Tiffany for a one day style-our-home session and within two weeks our house was sold and we were packing boxes. Since then she’s helped us with multiple projects in our current home including kitchen design, paint colors, organizing and room layout/styling. Her taste is impeccable and her design choices are a perfect combination of chic timelessness without ever losing a smart focus on function or cost. In other words, I don’t shop without her! — Lindsey



Tiffany’s taste is flawless. We wanted some changes here and there, a little help with that, a lot of help with this; Tiffany did it all quickly and decisively. Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are now beautiful and comfortable with timeless style. All of her choices were excellent. She saved me hours and hours of scouring Houzz and Pinterest for what might look good in our house, not to mention hundreds of dollars with me thinking more expensive is always best. Tiffany is a rare gem in the design world. — Katie


I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on many projects in my home over the past eight years. What I love about Tiffany is that she has an endless amount of ideas, is super quick to respond and sources affordable options that look very high-end. I have worked with designers in the past and it was always an expensive venture that yielded disappointing results in the form of expensive, custom-made drapes or pillows.

Tiffany’s approach is refreshing – you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make a huge impact on your home. I love entertaining; my friends and neighbors are amazed at how beautiful my home looks! I have referred Tiffany to friends and family and all are pleased with the outcome. Tiffany has an eye for what works and what doesn’t, her ideas are fresh and thoughtful. She works with any aesthetic from traditional to shabby-chic to modern. Tiffany is a true professional and working with her has been fun and productive. I love the results and highly recommend her services.  — Jennifer


I first encountered Tiffany’s work when, upon arriving at a friend’s house, found it completely transformed into a place that looked to be straight out of a magazine. The home, though stylistically very different from mine, inspired incredible envy! My subsequent thought was: I wish my house could look like this, but I could never afford it… Instead, I found Tiffany to be reasonably priced and completely approachable. Tiffany was able to ascertain my style and taste instantaneously. She worked within my budget and often came in significantly under—she has an understanding of how to get the most for your money & where your money is best spent.

Her turnaround time is extremely quick and, with her experience in the business, is able to offer décor suggestions from various sources to fit your budget. Because she sends you directly to the source, she allows the client to save money on the purchase as well. Tiffany’s taste is impeccable. She goes above and beyond and ensures that the project is seen through to the end. Tiffany also has such a wonderful personality that after spending just a short amount of time with her, you’ll want to continue the relationship! We can’t thank Tiffany enough for her patience with us and for helping us realize our dreams for our home! — Robin


Tiffany has completed several decorating jobs for us. She is always timely and efficient. We bought a new beach house rental last year and Tiffany was instrumental in the entire renovation. After the purchase, we took photos of the house with a cell phone and emailed them to her with our thoughts on what we would like to focus on. We also included our projected budget. Within a few days, Tiffany had emailed photos and links of new design ideas. She used an interior design paint program and cropped in light fixtures and furniture. This gave us a clear visual representation of the finished product. I could actually see a photo of our rooms remastered! She provided numerous options and used our feedback to make further decisions. We love the finished product and were able to raise our rental rates for this season.

In the meantime, we also decided to upgrade the look of our primary residence. With Tiffany’s design help, we chose new carpet and new paint throughout the house and redecorated our master bedroom. Some of her suggestions were so simple yet made a huge impact. For example, she simply rearranged the furniture in our sunroom and repositioned the bedding in our master. Tiffany has a great eye for design and is able to cleverly mix and present color. When we entertain, everyone is very complementary of the décor!

Tiffany was always gracious and patient with us throughout the design process. She emailed us back in a timely manner but we could not always do the same. At times, we either became very busy with work or we needed to wait to make a purchase once our budget allowed. Tiffany’s emails always took a relaxed tone in reference to us getting back to her and finishing a project.

Did we mention that Tiffany lives in the Midwest and we are on the east coast? She is able to do all this from photos and email correspondence. She selects items which are new or used, matching your style and budget. She even selects local items for you to consider as options that fit perfectly with her overall design. We would highly recommend Tiffany’s services for any size remodel or just for design advice. She is a pleasure to collaborate with and an asset to anyone needing timely and professional design services. — Melissa


While remodeling the kitchen and first floor of our home we worked with Tiffany long distance via E-Design. I wasn’t sure how it would go but I really wanted someone to help push me out of my comfort zone and expose me to ideas outside of the design bubble I tend to stay in. I shared the floor plan, layout and design ideas we already had and Tiffany sent me her ideas and suggestions in return. Over the next few months, she took the ideas we had and built on them, pushing us in a fresher, more modern direction. Instead of having a home that is based on the current trends, she led us to accessories, lighting and finishes that are classic, yet will be on trend for years to come. Some of my favorite pieces are things I never would have picked out for myself. Everything is beautiful, yet functional and comfortable. She did a terrific job choosing pieces to fit our budget and lifestyle. I know we will enjoy having everything in our home for many years to come.


Tiffany helped me replace my living room and bedroom furniture and decor and a master bath remodel. After success with these projects, she helped me replace my Christmas decor, organizing my closet, and even what I wore to an important business meeting.

When she told me she ordered everything online, I was skeptical. The process was really fast and easy! She would send me several likes to see what I liked and didn’t like or what was in my budget or not. We were able to get to the right pieces quickly. She was great at finding some mid century chairs I had seen at a local furniture store for $1400 a piece. I purchased 2 chairs for $800 each. She found them on sale for 35% less than original price. Talk about saving me money!

I love my home now. The furniture fits the space, has the right amount of coastal decor I wanted. People visiting often describe my home as cozy. I describe it as just perfect for me. Tiffany’s main technique for getting me to the final look was to continuously ask me “Do you love it?” If you use this principal in providing feedback during the selection process, you will end up with a home you really love being in. I know I have.