My husband and I purchased a 1960’s home and “fixer upper” was an understatement. We knew before buying the home that Tiffany would be our designer and without knowing that we would have ran for the hills after walking through this house. Tiffany is so fast at making decisions which is so important when building or renovating a home when there are tens of thousands of decisions to be made! Tiffany took an outdated home and helped to turn it into our dream home.

Everything from the kitchen to the master bathroom to the guest rooms, even the paint colors feel like ultimate luxury to us, sometimes we still can’t believe that this is our home! Tiffany has such an eye for design, our home feels so high end while also being very unique and very “us”. She also knows where it is important to spend a little more money and where you can save. She was always looking to find us the very best price on everything which was always helpful in selling ideas to the hubby!

The only downside of working with Tiffany was that once our project was finished, we were sad to be finished working with her. Tiffany is such a wonderful person to work with, we would work with her a million times over! I often hear people say that they can’t afford a designer. We couldn’t afford NOT to! The right decisions were made for our home the first time and we couldn’t be happier with every single inch of our home. We couldn’t have done our renovation without Tiffany!! — Lindsey