AMY O. —

I was in a jam when I started to decorate my ‘new’ home. The previous owners’ style was completely different than mine, and I had no idea where to begin. Tiffany walked in our home and saw potential, not problems. She was able to move through the house and envision how I could use my personal style to make the home my own. She worked within my budget to find unique additions to the home, while also rearranging what was already here to highlight the homes’ best features.

Working with Tiffany remotely is also extremely do-able. Using the I-Pad to give her a tour of our home and talk about what we want to do or change was so easy! I was attempting to create a quiet work space for my husband (since I occupy the home office) and walking around with the I-pad so Tiffany could view the rooms with me, she quickly came up with an awesome plan to create space for him in the bonus room. As soon as she described the change I was like ‘of course!’. She was very helpful suggesting masculine desks that he might like.

I would (and still do!) work with her again in a heartbeat. — Amy