Tiffany has completed several decorating jobs for us. She is always timely and efficient. We bought a new beach house rental last year and Tiffany was instrumental in the entire renovation. After the purchase, we took photos of the house with a cell phone and emailed them to her with our thoughts on what we would like to focus on. We also included our projected budget. Within a few days, Tiffany had emailed photos and links of new design ideas. She used an interior design paint program and cropped in light fixtures and furniture. This gave us a clear visual representation of the finished product. I could actually see a photo of our rooms remastered! She provided numerous options and used our feedback to make further decisions. We love the finished product and were able to raise our rental rates for this season.

In the meantime, we also decided to upgrade the look of our primary residence. With Tiffany’s design help, we chose new carpet and new paint throughout the house and redecorated our master bedroom. Some of her suggestions were so simple yet made a huge impact. For example, she simply rearranged the furniture in our sunroom and repositioned the bedding in our master. Tiffany has a great eye for design and is able to cleverly mix and present color. When we entertain, everyone is very complementary of the décor!

Tiffany was always gracious and patient with us throughout the design process. She emailed us back in a timely manner but we could not always do the same. At times, we either became very busy with work or we needed to wait to make a purchase once our budget allowed. Tiffany’s emails always took a relaxed tone in reference to us getting back to her and finishing a project.

Did we mention that Tiffany lives in the Midwest and we are on the east coast? She is able to do all this from photos and email correspondence. She selects items which are new or used, matching your style and budget. She even selects local items for you to consider as options that fit perfectly with her overall design. We would highly recommend Tiffany’s services for any size remodel or just for design advice. She is a pleasure to collaborate with and an asset to anyone needing timely and professional design services. — Melissa