I first encountered Tiffany’s work when, upon arriving at a friend’s house, found it completely transformed into a place that looked to be straight out of a magazine. The home, though stylistically very different from mine, inspired incredible envy! My subsequent thought was: I wish my house could look like this, but I could never afford it… Instead, I found Tiffany to be reasonably priced and completely approachable. Tiffany was able to ascertain my style and taste instantaneously. She worked within my budget and often came in significantly under—she has an understanding of how to get the most for your money & where your money is best spent.

Her turnaround time is extremely quick and, with her experience in the business, is able to offer décor suggestions from various sources to fit your budget. Because she sends you directly to the source, she allows the client to save money on the purchase as well. Tiffany’s taste is impeccable. She goes above and beyond and ensures that the project is seen through to the end. Tiffany also has such a wonderful personality that after spending just a short amount of time with her, you’ll want to continue the relationship! We can’t thank Tiffany enough for her patience with us and for helping us realize our dreams for our home! — Robin