I met Tiffany when she married my cousin. We lived far apart, saw each other on the occasional holiday and over time I learned of her design business. A point came when my husband and I were selling our first home – which had been sitting on the market like a rock for at least six months – before I finally overcame the hesitation of “do I hire a family member?” (everyone knows how that can turn out…).

After six months of no movement I decided to go for it. I hired Tiffany for a one day style-our-home session and within two weeks our house was sold and we were packing boxes. Since then she’s helped us with multiple projects in our current home including kitchen design, paint colors, organizing and room layout/styling. Her taste is impeccable and her design choices are a perfect combination of chic timelessness without ever losing a smart focus on function or cost. In other words, I don’t shop without her! — Lindsey