Styling your home can (and should be) easy, fun and rewarding. From a simple room make-over to a full home design. E-design or in person, I can work with you and your budget to achieve what you want quickly and seamlessly.

Design is creating a home that represents the very best version of you. Making your house a place you love will change your life. It can be choosing a new light fixture or piece of art, the perfect throw pillows — to a full home makeover. It might be pulling together what you already have – or just doing one thing, choosing a new rug for example, that can change everything. The very best design is layered, has depth, meaning, is unique, has personality, is comfortable, inviting and functional. Most of all, it’s personal. If it feels overwhelming – start small, but start somewhere.

My goal is to take your list of wants and deliver amazing results while working within your budget. To help with this.. below are a few steps in preparation:

* Styling your space moves as swiftly as you do – meaning, if you are ready to purchase, replace, paint, etc. then once that special item is found and paint color chosen – it’s done! It’s all a matter of you being ready to move forward with the project at hand.

* Are all parties involved ready? This is critical. You might be ready, but if your other half isn’t – prepare for the process to (potentially) go slower than you hope for. I can choose furniture, paint, lighting, rearrange layout – but if half of the decision makers aren’t ready for change, new paint, or purchasing that lamp, rug or sofa – then even with all elements chosen, it might be a bit of a waiting game. Knowing this beforehand helps you create stages to work within.

* What is your budget? (furniture/accessory budget + design fee budget) Even if you don’t have a specific direction of what you want/need, a first consultation will create focus – so don’t worry! Know exactly what you want? Have a budget for each item on your list or a whole room budget. How much are you prepared to spend on a rug? an ottoman? accessories? new bedding? night stands? Remember that creating a budget doesn’t mean it will cost every cent of that number. I search for the best items at the best price. My clients are constantly surprised at coming in under their furniture budget. Even if you are unsure of what an appropriate shopping budget is for some pieces – knowing what you are willing to spend is critical.

* Create a list of likes and dislikes – love color, want pet/kid friendly, entertain frequently – equally important – what you don’t like. If possible – create a pinterest board of images showing design you are drawn to – the more descriptive, the more I get a sense of your style.

Have the above in place? Ready to get started? Email me with a summary of what you would like to work on, include brightly lit, multi-angled photos of the areas in need and your budget for both furniture/accessories and design time.

I work with clients all over the country via E-design. It’s a great way to create the home of your dreams without a full-service commitment. I’ll choose your new pieces online, send you a master shopping list and you’ll be on your way. (I often find great pieces on sale &/or one-of-a-kind pieces – this is when being ready-to-purchase is key. Sourcing pieces is part of the design fee – it’s up to you to to pounce on that great sale, vintage piece or last one available) The best thing about e-design – your results are just as amazing whether we’re face to face or miles apart.

Are you in Los Angeles and want to work with me in person? Great! Same as above – email me a summary of wants/needs including photos and your budget for services and product – I’ll give you an idea of what we can accomplish together within that criteria. Whether it’s full service or a fast and furious day of shopping and styling, we can tailor the design to fit.

Want to work in person with me but don’t live in the Los Angeles area? We travel often and I love working with clients in their hometowns. Let me know what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and hopefully we can make it happen!

My goal with every client is to create a home that reflects YOU. A home that is personal, original and makes you happy every time you walk in the door. Now let’s get started!